the smell of cinnamon fills the air when she walks in the room

a sharp poignant smell that sends a spicy warmth through your skin

suddenly aware of coffee, not like some pumpkin spice bullshit, it’s some earthy tones that don’t smell familiar

a strong aroma. you continue about your business but not without inhaling the unique scent with every breath

it’s like incense. smokey and intoxicating, calming and sedative,

she leaves you breathless as the smoke that comes with her presence fills your lungs

it reminds you of a past life as it swirls in your face

in your head is the sound of drums that must have gone with ancient rituals beating to the rhythm of the sway of her hips

it’s hypnotizing to watch her, it leaves you in a daze, in a trance,

like stuck in quicksand that seeps in your pores, it makes your feet heavy like concrete in your shoes

it’s overwhelming to let your eyes follow her, the drums loud in your ears and in your thoughts, drowning out your own voice in your head

you can hear the sound of rushing water when she stands still, through rocks and divets and broken branches, a mind of its own making it’s way through the scenery, soft and gentle and loud with waves crashing,

it’s like everything in nature stops to watch her but the water continues because it’s the only force as strong as she is

she’s like the first rain of the season, unknowingly long awaited and yet still unexpected

sunlight breaks through clouds and fills the space between her curves

those hips again, she sits like royalty that had to earn her throne

with poise and humility and grace and savagery

the sun leaves her bronze skin shining and glittery as it falls on her shoulders, she’s majesty and mystery

the rays of light fall just right to showcase the sharpness of her features that reminds you in all her beauty she is a force to be reckoned with

she is blanketed by an air of strength that is in the way she walks, her gaze intense and focused wherever she looks

to hear her talk makes your spine melt, it’s like liquid gold dripping from her mouth

her words wrap around your body like a sweater that fits just right, as if it’s perfectly broken in the first time you wear it

her words captivate your mind as you hang on to the edge of every thought she says out loud

listening to her feels like you’ve been waiting your whole life to hear her speak

everything she says falls with weight of generations of strong women behind every sentence and lands with elegance like leaves flowing gently in the autumn breeze as they have since before the beginning of time

she comes close to you and all the smells and sounds that she is make your hear skip a beat

your palms are sweaty as she inches nearer

she leaves the taste of lavender and summer time lemonade in your mouth

she has flavor that is zesty and cooling

it wakes you up but it’s not jolting

it’s sweet like fruit that is perfectly ripe,

it’s rare and you get lost in the moment trying to savor the taste that quenches your thirst



as quickly as it came, it has gone







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