The opposite of objectification
To humanize what is objectified
To stir empathy without sensationalizing, without tokenizing
To decolonize

A woman is subjective
She is her own interpretation

She is not what you want her to be

Breasts feed children

Vaginas bring children

Hips widen to allow children through

To think that any of what women are is for someone else’s pleasure is objectification

To know that women are for their own pleasure is subjectification

Her curves can be subtle and sensual, they can nourish newborns, they can be sharp and jagged and remind you that she is your superior in the damn office and you will respect her

A woman’s curves are the road to revolution

That is why she is objectified

If they convince her she is nothing more than her curves, she will drive this winding road in circles and never arrive to her destination, to revolution

You who is dark skinned and unapologetically and unabashedly yourself, who is in charge and constantly undercut and undermined and underestimated and disrespected as someone’s boss because the colonized minds you were promoted over cannot find it in themselves to subjectify:
I implore you to be yourself, you are the road to revolution

You who strips to put food on the table, who’s career is an Internet meme. I see you. Your body fed your child the same way it makes money to feed your child still. Your body contoured to bring your child in this world the same way it contours now so you can keep your child in this world. I see you. I see the strength and power. Your profession is art. It is dance, it is movement, it is resistance. You are the road to revolution.



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