Becoming unlost

I did not trust myself
To lead myself
So I looked to you
But your light was dull
And your compass wrong
So you led me
And I lost me
How do I go looking for myself
If it’s me that has to find herself
I have to find my way back
Back to where I first got lost
And start over
On a new path
Dark and dimly lit
But this time I have my own light
That I found inside myself
It was always there
The fire in me always burned
But as we blazed the trail
And cut down trees to make our way
I used the wood
To feed your flames
And mine grew dull
But I took a breath
Among trees you had not axed
And the oxygen that I had not had
Found it’s way to my core
And it created a backdraft
The flames erupted
Now I’ve got a fire in me
That cannot be contained
I’ll light the way
And others will follow
And they won’t need you
Or people like you
To misguide them first
To find their way


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