A man at a cafe asked me why I looked so sad
I said my job is hard
He said describe to me what you do and I’ll tell you what your job is
I said
In my line of work a lot of people need me
They need someone
They need help
Then with tears in my eyes I said
And not everyone makes it
Not everyone that needs us will get to meet us
We won’t get to everyone
And not everyone we get to will make it
Some of the people we get to won’t make it
Maybe they won’t die today
But the trauma will get to them later
Or maybe they’ll go back to what hurt them
And there’s nothing I can do but watch it happen
Tears streaming down my face
Some will make it
But I’ll never know
And this man asked me are you a firefighter? You’re too small for that. You’re an EMT.
I said no
I’m a first responder and crisis counselor for sexually exploited minors
And he asked me
Are you okay
And I said probably not
But there’s so much that needs to be done
Excuse me sir
I have to go back to work


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