Day 2

When I got the news on Saturday all I could think was oh my god how is my cousin
Everyday after that how is she 
How is she 
Is she okay 
I wish I was there 
Why am I at school
Why am I at work 
Why am I not there with her 
And then on Monday 
It hit me 
You’re really gone 
And it’s been a struggle to hold back tears
And everyone is going about business as usual
And complaining and catching attitude and over sharing about trivial things 
And I’ll can do is think about how you’re really gone. 

Day two of reality setting in 
I find myself more compelled to sit in nature 
I went for a walk today 
It’d been a while 
I sat among the trees today until time escaped me 
It slipped right through my finger tips 
Kind of like you did
I hear your laugh in the silence of the wind rustling in the trees 
And if I listen close enough 
If I close my eyes and pay real close attention 
I swear I hear your voice 
If I stay here 
In the trees forever 
Do you promise not to leave? 

I don’t know that I could lose you twice 
– arieana 


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