‪”Why are you so mean?”‬‪”Why are compliments so hard to accept?”‬ ‪Because the ugly truth of the world is eating me alive. And I hope that if I am coated in vinegar instead of honey, it will take longer to chew me up.‬  And if I’m here a little longer. Then, maybe. Just maybe. I can make this foul place a little sweeter.  Even though, I know it will still swallow me whole. Even though I know when I’m long gone in the belly of the beast this place will still be sour. But perhaps the memory of me and … Continue reading Fate


A man at a cafe asked me why I looked so sad I said my job is hard He said describe to me what you do and I’ll tell you what your job is I said In my line of work a lot of people need me They need someone They need help Then with tears in my eyes I said And not everyone makes it Not everyone that needs us will get to meet us We won’t get to everyone And not everyone we get to will make it Some of the people we get to won’t make it … Continue reading Work

Why we must prioritize the advancement of Black women

  I want to give some context, The 2016 Film Hidden Figures highlights some of the subtle nuanced microaggressions that Black women face every day moment to moment. To hear Mary Jacksons(Janelle Monae’s character) husband talk about oppression the same way we do now in 2016 is sobering and disillusioning I am an observer and will stand corrected as Black women voice their opinion on things this film did well and things it does not However, Hidden Figures gives me an example to draw on that will not put anybody’s personal traumas on display for the sake of advocacy I … Continue reading Why we must prioritize the advancement of Black women

A Day in The Life of an Anger Translator

Alarm blaring The day has not even started and I’m already exhausted Never enough sleep when it’s the soul that’s tired Ancestral trauma carved in my bones My existence nourished from the milk of breasts which have suffered centuries of violence I stand in my closet and stare at my wardrobe Which neutral colored blazer will I pair with my black pants today? I switched out my baggy clothes and backwards hats for social worker sweaters Imposter syndrome at its finest You can still see my tattoos through the sheer button up shirts I open my fridge and pack a … Continue reading A Day in The Life of an Anger Translator

Unconventional love and healing

Crediting David C. Turner III Original Post for the format and 95 percent of the rhetoric and style for this post. “I wish I can tell you the type of things that [clients] experience, the trauma that they have from schools, home, [sexual assault and exploitation] and just the world. I wish we had a better language to articulate this trauma, because this trauma is the reason(s) why they become who they are, and they cause so much harm.” I wish it was acceptable for people to embrace girls of color, the ones that dont “talk nice” and get sent … Continue reading Unconventional love and healing

Bah bah black sheep have you any wool? Or maybe some tissue for my light skinned tears?

My father used racial and sexist slurs since I can remember.  I was seven years old when he called my best friends ni**ers and the women on my mom’s, side including my mom, bitches and putas. I was 1o years old the first time I really realized there were differences in my existence than others. I was living in Ohio and I was the only Latina in the entire school which went from kindergarten to eighth grade. There was only one other black student and one other Indian student. They were both in my class. I was the only student … Continue reading Bah bah black sheep have you any wool? Or maybe some tissue for my light skinned tears?

Do not tell me it will be okay

Do not tell me things will be okay. Do not tell me it’s only four years. Do not tell me I will survive. I know we will heal. At what cost though? Trauma comes when we are given more stress than we can handle. Right now this is more than I can bear. We navigate life with a certain level of predictability. Trump Pence election was not in my realm of predictable possibilities. That signals to my body on a physiological level that things are not safe, things are unpredictable, all bets are off. That’s why trauma is often described … Continue reading Do not tell me it will be okay

In solidarity, compassion, and power,

Cherrell Brown (@Awkward_Duck on Twitter) tweeted “This was white folks response to the movement for Black lives. This was their mobilization.” We will respond. I will march for black lives. I will march for my brown life and other brown lives. I will march for my queer life and other queer lives. I will march for undocumented lives. I will march for my rights as a survivor of sexual violence and intimate partner violence and the rights of other survivors of sexual and gendered violence. I will be unafraid. I will be loud. I will no longer be silenced. I … Continue reading In solidarity, compassion, and power,