Grief is like a creek  It’s quiet  It lives in everyone  And it fills and it drains  And everyone’s seasons are different When it’s your rainy season your creek is full and you can’t ignore it  It wets everything  You’re knee deep in water But everyone else is splashing about just fine  Grief is a creek because it’s persistent  You cannot avoid loss It is inevitable  And when it’s your time to experience loss You’ll hear the gurgling of the creek  Grief is a creek because it’s ever moving ever evolving  With the seasons  It changes  Some days it is … Continue reading Grief

Day 2

When I got the news on Saturday all I could think was oh my god how is my cousin Everyday after that how is she  How is she  Is she okay  I wish I was there  Why am I at school Why am I at work  Why am I not there with her  And then on Monday  It hit me  You’re really gone  And it’s been a struggle to hold back tears And everyone is going about business as usual And complaining and catching attitude and over sharing about trivial things  And I’ll can do is think about how you’re … Continue reading Day 2

A letter to the living after the dearly has departed:

I have an itch to know you  Before it is too late  I do not wish to grieve  And sob  With regret so great it shakes me to my core  Please don’t die before making this right  I do not know  If the little girl who hides inside  The one dying to know her history The one longing for normalcy  Would survive a loss so great  Compounded by the hurt of every Father’s Day spent without you  I do not wish to remember you high out of your mind driving recklessly with me by your side  Please give me something … Continue reading A letter to the living after the dearly has departed:

Another letter to the dearly departed:

Faded photographs  And smiles cemented in my mind  Are not nearly enough  And not nearly the same  As it was like  To hear you laugh  To hear the rumble of joy in your belly  To smell the food in your kitchen  The memories are not nearly enough  But they are all I have  -arieana, grieving in public instead of pretending I don’t Continue reading Another letter to the dearly departed:

To all my dearly departed:

I am sorry for all the photos I did not take  For all the visits I did not make For all the phone calls I did not return For all the voicemails left unheard Guilt and regret are stronger than the wind herself  And I hope you forgive me  There is never enough time to prepare for days without you  Grief is hard because it’s done in solitude  And every time another goes I promise myself I won’t make the same mistakes And I’m always too little too late -arieana; Things I’ll never say and things they’ll never hear; Continue reading To all my dearly departed:


You tried to break me Every tactic Every strategy  You employed  From your hands around my neck To your words in my head You were like the drought in my habitat Disrupting my ecology All systems scrambling to adjust  And adapt I am nature I always adapt  But at what cost? Do we lose life? Pieces of me that were part of this ecosystem lost in extinction On the verge of being lost forever  Death will fertilize birth and growth I will grow back With roots thicker and stronger  You can put rocks in my way And like a river … Continue reading Storming


Anger is such an impossible beast. It wrestles within you. It eats you alive while demanding a seat at the table. And if you ignore it, it waits and then flips the table unexpectedly at the worst possible time and requires you to clean up the mess. And if you feed it, it’s bottomless, it will never be satiated. So what is one to do. Anger is afraid, that if you look hard enough, you’ll see it for what it really is – hurt. And the hurt is harder to sit with. So maybe flipping tables and being irate all … Continue reading anger


My Dearest Xingona, I know that we saw nuestras madres struggle at the hands of machismo It prepared us to fight with our fists But Mujer, be wary The most insidious monster Does not always lunge at you with his body Sometimes he slithers his way into your sanctuary His approach is gentle He is a chameleon He will blend into all the things he knows you want And when your spirit is high And your soul is centered He will strike For he is a snake He will leech off of your momentum Ten cuidado, hija Snakes sleep next … Continue reading Snakes